Working together through continuous learning to improve the quality of life for all in DeKalb County, Indiana
An education initiative of the Community Foundation of DeKalb County

Early Childhood Learning: What We’re Doing and What We’ve Accomplished October 2011

Brochure Pic 1Our vision

All children in DeKalb County enter Kindergarten ready to learn as assessed by a shared definition of “readiness”.

What we’ll accomplish

90% of Kindergarten students will enter school at the benchmark “ready” for every class in every school in DeKalb County within a five-year period.

Data we’re using to measure progress

The percent of entering kindergarten students screened as “ready” based on a common definition of kindergarten readiness shared countywide.


Baseline 2011: 38%

  • 2012: 50%
  • 2013: 75%
  • 2015: 90%
Current statusECL OCt 2011 Graph
  • Revised the 2010 kindergarten readiness screening to gather additional information.
  • 426 entering kindergarten students countywide were screened for “readiness” based on a common
  • definition.
  • 38% of DeKalb County kindergarten students were screened as “ready” in all three domains: social, language and academic skills.
What we’re doing to achieve our goals
  • 43 entering kindergarten students enrolled in KiPS, a summer “kindergarten prep school,” implemented in 2011 by Butler Public Library in partnership with DeKalb Eastern school district.
  • Distributing a parent-friendly brochure, “Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten,” describing skills basic to a child’s success starting school.
  • Creating awareness around the contribution of high quality early care and learning programs to a child’s readiness for school.

Early Childhood Learning Road Map PDF