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An education initiative of the Community Foundation of DeKalb County

3rd Grade Literacy: Why It Matters

  • Every child can contribute to society.
  • Before third grade, children learn to read. After third grade, children read to learn.
  • Of the children reading below grade level at the end of third grade, 75% are likely to fail to learn to read.
  • Investing in children early provides greater long-term returns and is less costly than retraining later in life.

DeKalb County Facts

  • In 2014, 54 percent of students entering kindergarten were found lacking the skills required for success in school, according to a shared DeKalb County Kindergarten-Readiness screening tool.
  • Improving kindergarten to 12th grade education is not enough. Children need caring adults in all areas of their lives, safe places, a healthy start, and an effective education that builds marketable skills and offers opportunities to help others (America’s Promise, 2009). It requires the active participation of schools, parents, businesses, community organizations, caring adults and concerned citizens to make a difference for our children in school.
  • Coordinating its work with the Early Childhood and Adult Lifelong Learning action teams, the Kindergarten – 12th Grade Education (K-12) action team is focused on students’ academic, career, and civic achievement at various grade levels. All community members countywide interested in this stage are encouraged to participate and get involved in the process. Contact us to get involved.