Working together through continuous learning to improve the quality of life for all in DeKalb County, Indiana
An education initiative of the Community Foundation of DeKalb County

Our School-Business Partnerships Team


Matt Bechdol GeoSilos
Jamie Bell Carlex Glass
Jeff Burns Campbell and Fetter Bank
Marcus Carlson St. Mark’s Lutheran Church of Auburn
Lauri Carnahan Lakewood Park Christian School
Rod Knox Impact Institute
Suzanne Laker-Newcomer The Crossing
Julie Lochner DeKalb County HOPE, Inc.
Sheena Miller The Change Academy
Rebecca Pfeffer DeKalb Central School District
Terry Rayle Community Foundation DeKalb County Board, DeKalb Chamber Partnership
Brie Sprunger Garrett High School, Garrett-Keyser-Butler School District
Chris Straw Team Quality Services
Josette Stroop Therma-Tru
Larry Yoder Eastside Junior-Senior High School, DeKalb Eastern School District
Rick Zolman Blue Jacket, Inc.

The work of each Learning Link action team is to:

  • create evaluation tools for measuring progress;
  • collect specific baseline data against which to measure progress;
  • work together to ensure clear communication between and among the action teams, the steering committee and the community at large;
  • work to facilitate communication between and among the community’s sectors, organizations and entities; and
  • perform these duties while always objectively considering what is best for the overall vision of the community rather than the interests of any one segment of the community.