Working together through continuous learning to improve the quality of life for all in DeKalb County, Indiana
An education initiative of the Community Foundation of DeKalb County

Parenting Education: What We’re Doing And What We’ve Accomplished October 2015

DeKalb County Parent Participation
Program Organization 2012 2013 2014
Childcare Resource and Referral Early Childhood Alliance 131 98 98
123-Toddler Friends Eckhart Public Library 416 60 134
Have a Healthy Baby Purdue Extension 8 4 5
Piece by Piece Purdue Extension 14 27 36
Prenatal and Breastfeeding DeKalb Health 156 80 100
Redirecting Children’s Behavior Children First Center 48 3 12
Parent Orientation GKB Head Start 279 174 299
Optional Parent Training GKB Head Start 58 23 127
Network for Safe Families SCAN 33 41 33
Nurturing Parent Children First Center 27 84 11
Positive Discipline For Children St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 25
Understanding and Parenting Teenagers St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 18
Total Participation 1157 594 898

Parenting Photo

Our vision

DeKalb County adults participating in continual learning to improve themselves, their families and their community.

What we’ll accomplish
  • Increase the number of DeKalb County teens and adults who participate in learning opportunities to enhance their parenting skills.
Data we’re using to measure progress
  • Annual number of DeKalb County teen and adult participants enrolled in activities and programs designed to enhance parenting skills.

Baseline: In 2010, 959 DeKalb County participants in identified programs

  • TBD (failed to meet early goal of a 10% annual increase)
Current status
  • Outside grant dollars were used for a billboard on SR 8 in May-June, 2015, promoting team’s Facebook page.
  • Participation in identified programs dropped significantly from 2012 to 2013. In 2014, we saw a significant  increase in participation of 51% (from 594 to 898).
What we’re doing to achieve our goals
  • Analyzing parent responses to their “biggest challenges” survey. Common themes included:
    1. parents want help; and
    2. “time management” is a huge issue.
  • As a response to parent surveys, maintaining and adding online parent resources to the Parent Resources brochure and LL website. See and click on Parenting.
  • Asking organizations to share their parent learning opportunities for posting to team’s Facebook page. Search “DeKalb County Parents”, then ’like’ and ’share’.

Oct 2015 ALL Parenting Education Overview (PDF)