Working together through continuous learning to improve the quality of life for all in DeKalb County, Indiana
An education initiative of the Community Foundation of DeKalb County

School-Business Partnerships: What We’re Doing and What We’ve Accomplished October 2011

Our visionSchool-Bus Partner Photo

DeKalb County students attain outstanding performance  as measured by academic, vocational, and civic achievement.

What we’ll accomplish
  • Increase the number of students prepared for work and career achievement. Data we’re using to measure progress
  • Number of students impacted by school-business partnerships.
  • Types of business and community partnerships involved with schools.
  • Number of connections made between schools and businesses.
  • Number of 9th – 12th grade students participating in experiential learning through DeKalb County schools.

Not yet determined.

Current status

A New Tech high school is set to open within the DeKalb Central District in Fall 2012.

What we’re doing to achieve our goals

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School-Business Partnerships Road Map PDF