Working together through continuous learning to improve the quality of life for all in DeKalb County, Indiana
An education initiative of the Community Foundation of DeKalb County

School-Business Partnerships: What We’re Doing and What We’ve Accomplished October 2013

Experiential Learning
in DeKalb County Schools
Grades 9-12
Oct. 2011 Oct. 2012 Oct. 2013
I.C.E. program 44 44 39
Professional internships 84 64 89
Cadet teaching/ peer tutoring 107 27 199
Special education internships 6 1 2
Health Occupation Education (HOE) 18 23 29
Building Trades 46 37 46
Project Lead the Way Engineering 233 153 206
Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences 18 29 7
Graphic Media Design 50 52 270
Impact Institute 173 167 144
Total student participation 779 597 1031

School-Bus Partner Photo

Our vision

DeKalb County students attain outstanding performance as measured by academic, vocational, and civic achievement.

What we’ll accomplish

Increase the number of students prepared for work, post-secondary learning and career achievement.

Data we’re using to measure progress
  • Types of partnerships* between business and community organizations and schools.

    *Experiential learning, guest speakers, project-based learning, project evaluators, facility/business tours, externships, teacher-business Meet & Greets, HOPE school-based mentors, CEO Day

  • Number of connections made between teachers and community leaders through Guest Speaker List.
  • Number of 9th – 12th grade students participating in experiential learning through DeKalb County schools.

Connections made between teachers and guest speakers:

Year Goal Actual
Spr 2013 50 110
Spr 2014
Current status
  • DeKalb New Tech welcomed 70 new freshmen to the program that are joining a group of 80 returning sophomores.
  • Organizing a DeKalb County Open House at Impact Institute (Four-County Vocational Cooperative) October 30. If interested, call Judy, 925-0311.
  • Piloting CEO Day in February 2014, and teacher-business Meet & Greets with DeKalb Central.
  • Maintaining a searchable database including 130 guest speakers as a tool for teachers to invite community leaders into classrooms. Posted at
  • DeKalb High School has matched 6 students 1:1 with 6 HOPE mentors to focus on career development.
What we’re doing to achieve our goals
  • The community speakers database is being promoted for use by new DeKalb County middle and high school teachers.
  • An updated instructional video for use of the Guest Speaker List by teachers is under development.

Oct 2013 K-12 Sch-Bs Partnerships PDF